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Sławianowo: church of St. Jacob the Apostle

Date of construction: 1806

St. Barbara is always presented with characteristic attributes which are connected with the last days of her life. There are a tower, a goblet and a sword among them. What is the story behind it?

In the wooden belfry next to the church hang bells which have a very interesting story. When were they made? What is their story?

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Wooden monuments
Sławianowo: church of St. Jacob the Apostle

There is an extremely beautiful altar of St. Barbara in the church. The saint is presented in a long, ornamental dress which is carefully draped and decorated. On the side, in the painting’s copy a sliver dress of the saint is seen.

Barbara belongs to the group of Holy Helpers. She is the patron saint of hard-working people: miners, metallurgists, sailors, soldiers and stonemasons. She is considered to be a patron of good death.

Barbara is holding a sword and a palm in her hand – symbols of martyrdom.

SŁAWIANOWO kościół pw. św. Jakuba Apostoła
SŁAWIANOWO kościół pw. św. Jakuba Apostoła

In the background a tower can be seen where the saint was imprisoned. Despite her father’s pressures, she didn’t want to renounce Christian faith.

A goblet with a wafer can be seen in the picture as well. According to the legend, to Barbara’s hunger jail cell in the tower angels brought wafers so that she could eat.

Barbara was sentenced to death by beheading with a sword.

Noteworthy is a wooden bell tower built in post and beam construction, situated in front of the church. Now there are three bells but earlier there were five. During the Second World War the bells form Sławinowo were taken by the Germans and probably remelted for ammunition. Only the smallest and the oldest one, dated to 1621, was left. Years later one of them was discovered in Germany. Thanks to the priest of the parish, the bell returned to Sławinowo after 63 years.

The bell which has been retrieved has a sign below the crown: “Sit nomen Domini benedictum me fecie Michael Wittwerk Gedani Anno 1715” – “Blessed be the name of the Lord – I was cast by Michał Wittwerk in Gdansk in 1715”.

SŁAWIANOWO kościół pw. św. Jakuba Apostoła

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Sławianowo: church of St. Jacob the Apostle

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Sławianowo: church of St. Jacob the Apostle


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